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Welcome to Pedersen Manufaktur

After the death of Kalle Kalkhoff, Utopia Velo took over Pedersen Manufaktur on January 1, 2018, thus securing the future of Pedersen Manufaktur.

[Translate to english:] Pedersen Manufaktur fährt mit neuen, zeitgemäßen Rahmen in die Zukunft.

New Pedersen frames

After the official takeover of Pedersen Manufacture Kalkhoff by Utopia Velo at the beginning of the year, its managing directors Inge Wiebe and Ralf Klagges have taken up the cause of continuing the development of Pedersen bikes "in the spirit" of Kalle Kalkhoff.

After only five months of development, Utopia Velo is now launching a revised Pedersen frame. The well-known and striking frame form, consisting of 21 triangular formations, has undergone a careful renewal:

What is particularly remarkable is the five centimetre longer wheelbase, which ensures lower rear-heaviness with larger frames. The new reinforced rear end has a higher lateral stiffness and original Rohloff dropouts. In addition to integrated stand and trailer attachment, tyre widths of up to 55mm are now possible, which provides additional damping comfort. Robust soldering parts are now available for torsion-free attachment of the carrier; the fork also scores points with increased lateral rigidity. Only seamless 25CrMo4 precision steel is used throughout.

The new frame is classically named "Pedersen" and replaces "Pedersen L".

Prices for fully equipped Pedersen

  •     The basic price for this remains the same and is between 2.199,- and 3.149,- €,
  •     The basic price for the pedelec without battery between 2.279,- and 3.690,- €.
  •     The battery can be leased or purchased.

Prices for Pedersen frame set

  •     The frame set costs from € 1,280.
  •     The T-frame kit is available for as little as 699,- €.

The delivery time for complete bike or frame is about 4-6 weeks.

Meeting of Pedersen in Bad Zwischenahn / Germany

Every year in the North German Pedersen Meeting takes place in Bad Zwischenahn.   

  • Infos and 44 pictures from the Pedersentreffen

 Pedersentreffen 2019

  • 20th Pedersen Meeting
  • in Bad Zwischenahn Germany
  • Februar 2019

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